Painting Tips

We’ve teamed up with Stephen Fay to bring you these painting tips to get the best out of painting our Intentio kits. Steve has commissioned and built a number of our kits for his own layout and on commission for his customers including his fantastic Severn Tunnel East Main Line micro and Pete Watermans Brinklow layout among others.

  • Paint the building with grey primer. We use Halfords Auto Grey Primer. The MDF will soak this up and it will dry quite quickly.
  • Once dry, cover it in several thin coats of white gloss. This will provide a waterproof surface for the next layers to adhere too. We use Pound Shop Gloss White spray paint.
  • Spray on a base brick colour. We use Halfords red oxide primer but others such as Railmatch BR freight Bauxite 2235 can be used.
  • Pick out individual brick colours using a mix of Matt and Gloss Browns and Oranges. We use colours from the Humbrol Enamel range matt 60, 82, 100 and gloss 18.
  • Working on small areas at a time, work a water based cream colour to represent the mortar into the brick courses. We use Humbrol matt Cream Acrylic 103. Wipe away quickly the surface paint with a damp cloth.
  • An optional dry brush of Humbrol matt Black 33 and Phoenix Engineers Blue Brick P954 is sparingly applied to age the brickwork.


To represent blue engineering bricks we use Phoenix Engineers Blue Brick P954 and  Precision Paints Concrete Weathered P958 for concrete features.