• TEA Nitric acid tank

The BRTE 102t glw bogie acid tank was only 39’11” long built by Charles Roberts, and numbered 84183 - 84192, with schleiren bogies, carrying a 73 ton load, they ran from ince to sellafield. Seen in UKF, hays,kemira and unbranded liveries.

The kit comprises a resin chassis and tank end caps, a clear acrylic tank tube pre cut to length, and under chassis boxes, Also included is an etch for the walkways and ladders. 3d printed fillers, and white metal buffer over riders are included as is a paper overlay to mark the drill holes for the drian pipe support brackets.

the wagon is undergoing a refurb and a new etch for the walkways is being prepared.

Build instructions will be on the MIOG website in the near future.

NOTE: Requireds 3’1” wheels, schleiren bogies, buffers, conventional couplings and air tanks and brake activators. .6mm and .9mm wire, 30 no.4mm scale handrail knobs,

These are available from suppliers including GJH PLANT.

Transfers from Railtec.

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TEA Nitric acid tank

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